4 Ways to Avoid Catching — and Spreading — the Flu Virus

  1. To avoid spreading flu germs, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. It’s every mother’s mantra: Cover your mouth when you cough. During flu season, it’s the best advice you can give any child — or adult – who wants to avoid the flu. The flu virus is passed from one person to the other through fluids from mouth and nose secretions. When we cough and sneeze, those droplets go into the air.
  2. Soap Away Germs. That elevator button or door knob you just touched? It likely has flu germs on it. If you’re avoiding the flu, take note. Then wash those hands. Do it the right way — and do it often, several times a day! It’s true — germs can live on any surface for two hours or more. If someone in your office or school is infected, those germs can reside on anything they’ve touched — desks, phones, coffee pots, microwaves, cafeteria tables, toys, books. When flu prevention experts advise you to wash your hands, they don’t mean a light drizzle of water. As mama always said, use soap and warm water — and rub hands for 15 to 20 seconds. Sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice while rubbing, to keep track of the time
  3. Don’t Be Touchy: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face. Resist the urge. Little habits — touching eyes, putting finger to nose, biting nails — give the flu virus a welcome mat into your system. A day or two later, when the first signs of flu hit you, you’ll wonder — how did I get the flu? When avoiding the flu, you’ve got to resist those habits.
  4. Good Health Beats the Flu: The Power of Healthy Habits. To prevent flu — or any illness — you’ve got to stick with a healthy lifestyle. You may also take some natural supplements to improve you immune system. BioGI is a new, plant based probiotic supplement that contains 11 different probiotics. Studies have shown that probiotic supplements help support digestive health, strengthen the immune system and the circulatory system, and improve anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular function. BioGI helps to fight against harmful bacteria, to regulate human intestinal flora to improve immunity against flu and other epidemics, and to improve symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea. For more information please visit: http://myehelps.com.


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