Power up your immune system!




There are many ways to improve your immune system.  Common ways to boost your immune system are exercise, vitamin intake, drinking a lot of liquids especially water.  Yet the most interesting and fun way to boost your immune system is by eating a variety of yummy good healthy foods.


Any fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants are sure to build your immune and have a last efect on your body.  Common fruits and vegetables that are overlooked by people as plain and boring actually have strong impacting benefits on the human body.  Most important vitamins included in veggies and fruit are antioxidants that have vitamin C, and vitamin E.  Any fruits that look colorful with eye catching colors are sure to have these antioxidants.  These include berries, cauliflower, grapefruit, honeydew, kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, orange, papaya, yellow peppers, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes which are known for their vitamin C.  Fruits and veggies with vitamin E are carrots, turnip greens, mangos, nuts, pumpkin, spinach, sunflower seeds, beans and cherries.


Benefits of a strong immune include toughness of the body against illnesses like common colds, flus and infections. By powering up your immune system, your body will feel more comfortable in many different and extreme weathers.  It will adjust to any temperature without getting sick.   Not only will your body feel good but you will feel clean and refreshed by eating good beneficial food. Eating good antioxients food will boost up your immune.


  In order to  have a great immune system you will also need to take natural supplements with immune boosters to help your body start fighting off harmful outside factors that can invade your body and prone you to sickness.   There is a supplement in particular that caught my attention as to how efficient and natural it is.  This supplement is from Ehlelps.  Ehelps is a company dedicated to bring good health to your life.  Ehelps has a product called BioGI+™.   BioGI+™ is a new, plant based probiotic supplement that contains 11 different probiotics that provide digestive health, strengthen the immune system and the circulatory system, and improve anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular function.  It protects against environmental toxins, has no Side Effects and is non-addictive.   This supplement is great for everyone and everyone can benefit with a stronger immune system by eating well and taking in immune boosting natural supplements.  Click on this link to find out the benefits of BioGI+ http://myehelps.com/default/powerful-probiotics/biogi-tm-natural-probiotics.html

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