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Boosting the Immune System to Protect Against Flu

While flu shots are a common action with regards to  the flu, there are definite actions you can take  to boost your immune system ahead of time, and be prepared for winter. As we all know, the winter cold season begins in late fall and lasts until early spring. True flu, however,  usually strikes mid […]

Most Dreadful Disease In the World

Not only is the Flu one of the most common diseases in the world that millions of people get each year, but it is one of the most deadliest. It spreads from person-to-person when someone with the flu virus either talks, coughs, or sneezes and spreads droplets containing the virus, or when a person contacts […]


Glad you stopped by and found us.  Our goal is to provide you with sound health education so that you can make sound health decisions for you and your family. There is a plethora of misinformation out there, many of which is bias towards corporate agendas.  We give you the facts so that you can […]